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Warm, Yellow Sun

Hello there 💛🌞 This blog has really uplifted and excited my energy! As my soul speaks, I feel more in alignment because I am sharing my truths and wisdom with you. I am overwhelmed with all that I have and plan to write about. If you read my last blog post, you will know I am on vacation at the beach right now. As I am here I have made many observations as we all do when we travel. However, this one I felt necessary to write about!

19th birthday.Warm loving Sun peaks & hugs me

The Light

In order for us to embody the light, be pure light, and spread light.. we must self care. We must take time to absorb that light. To lay in the sun every day. Now maybe when you lay in the sun you don't stay for 2 hours, but you make it a priority for your back, chest, and thighs to get at least 15 minutes of sun a day. As I look around, I can tell so many people have been inside all winter as their skin is so white and burning bright red🥵. We must realistically think about this. Many are afraid of skin cancer, so they avoid sun, this is very silly and I will tell you why. Your skin is the biggest organ on/in the body. It absorbs whatever you put on it. (Conversation for later: using only natural products on skin because typical store lotion contain preservatives, colors, and chemicals that do get absorbed into the bloodstream.) Well just how our body absorbs nutrients from our fabulous foods, our body absorbs nutrients from the sun. Fabulous foods build the immune system. Sunshine does the same exact very thing! You can call it food, but food boiled down, is medicine. Medicine in the sense it contains our minerals, vitamins, proteins, probiotics, etc. (we want it too anyhow and this is how to have a clean diet). Now you know, with anything in life, in order for something to be effective, it has to be consistently utilized and applied into your life. All good masters practice. Healthy people are educated about food. They keep up with a consistent long term diet and this is what build the immune system. I see this exact situation when comparing sunshine. In order for sunshine to be effective to energizing and supplying you with benefits, you must utilize it everyday. Not too much and not too little, but it is surely important. When you miss days, staying inside all day whether rain, snow, or sun shine.. you have made yourself more receptacle to a lower immune system, developing a disease, and overall bad health/feelings.

West Coast Sunset

The Power Of The Masculine

From the beginning of time, our ancestors speak of our moon being feminine and our sun being masculine. To unlock your innate abilities, the power of structure, logic, and success we must honor the father of Earth, the Sun. We must surrender to the nurturing love of the sun. The sun grants life and so it deserves our hugest thanks. Remember to thank the sun today, tomorrow, and forever. Remember to bathe in the sun's love at least once a day. He love's you forever and forever.

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