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On The Road Again

Hellllooo writing to you as I am adventuring east! 🌞🏄🌅🌊 I have been working hard and well appreciate this adventure! The first adventure I have ever taken with just two of my closest friends. All my traveling in the USA has been school, business or work related in the past. I have had the amazing opportunity, before the world oddly changed, to travel out of country twice, both for enjoyment. Costa Rice in 2016 and the Dominican Republic in 2019. It is now 2021 you know, I feel I am taking the well deserved break needed by exploring the beautiful beaches of the east coast!

Heavenly Earth, Mama Gaia

I could not be more grateful to experience these experiences. The power in trusting the universe. The power in knowing you are safe! The power in lifting the spirit higher. The power of expanding yourself to new levels! Spreading your knowledge, light, and gifts. Growing. Being out of the comfort zone. So far away from home. Escape. Breathe. Explore. EXPAND.

Fear Is Our Only Enemy

Fear can show it's face in so many ways in your life. Cause unending battles. Trust the process. Whatever you desire will come. You are powerful. Fearless. One with Source. Protected. Anything meant for you is coming. 🙏🏼💚🌻🌿 Goodbye for now!

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