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Mind, Body, Soul

Greetings! 🌻🌈🌞 I hope you're having a wonderful day full of nourishing food, laughter, and lovely sunshine! You absolutely deserve it. Again, welcome to my section of the blog, "Mental Health Awareness". Before I dive any deeper, there is something you must know, the key I have found to be in unlocking our healing. The mind, body, soul method. I call this a method, but really it is the answer to all important questions I have had here on Earth from the beginning. That is when I am questioning things of course, and I have found that questions come with our healing and because of our curiosity we have a desire to change, or evolve. Just beautiful and you may be familiar with this lifestyle and approach depending on where you're from in the world, your spiritual or religious affiliations, and just knowledge overall. This may be your lifestyle and you live by examining yourself through mind, body, and soul healing. However, here on my path, in America, people are not familiar with this method, they are just not programmed too. The approach they are using when clinically treating someone has lost two things. Body and Soul. "Mental Health" in America's health system, to my knowledge and experience, is strictly examining mind. Now the mind has some important things to examine of course, but if we forget about the other two parts, a human is disconnected, disjointed, ill. Think about a 3 wheeler. With only 1 wheel, yeah maybe it'll inch forward, but as 2 wheels drag behind, the machine would never truly go. This is your life! Many never truly get to go, or otherwise know how to live or have a quality life! So as my first blog post, I have to say mental health awareness on my blog is making you aware of this poorly structured system in America and is much more than just mental health, this is mind, body, soul medicine and you have the potential to take whatever information may help you along your path.

Where are we going?

The Mind

Where are we going!? Where are any of us going? Do you know? Do you think you know? Do you actually know? No. However, our mind most often works in a pattern, only shapeshifting when new information is present, or a trigger goes off, leading into a new pattern all together and set of reactions. You may be expecting your reaction. You may not be. You may be in denial of it, or you may own it internally and be ashamed of it. You may feel it's something you can control, or you may not. None of these feelings are wrong or right, because they're only simply explaining a feeling and how deeply you are connected to the self, yourself. You are a unique being, but you are not really any different than any other being. I say this with confidence because as humans we are built on this patterned structure. Animals are too. Through the patterns, we either fulfill our purpose or the pattern overpowers ones own willpower and defeats them. They call this the cycle of suffering. I use the term pattern, but you can also use terminology such as a code, a program, a cycle, a system, a sequence, or a structure. This is basically explaining how we are made up mentally and we learn this cycle in our youth. Just like baby animals, what we learn in youth is crucial to knowing how to operate in our adult years. Baby birds cannot fly without being taught how to leave the nest on their own and flap those wings and you are no different. So if you have spent most of your life wondering where you are going and all this nonsense, realize now that nothing is wrong with you, but it is most likely that your foundation built patterns that do not cooperate or function in this system. I don't say world, because you are not nonfunctional. You are nonfunctional in the system designed (the society you live in). Just as your brain works as a system, you are living in a system. A system created by the human brain with many flaws of greed, manipulation, secrecy, powering ego, and so much lost spiritual connection. Not only are you managing the system built in your mind, the system and patterns built in your family and foundation, society's built and forced upon system, but you are managing all patterns ever present in each person you interact with. This is a huge job and this is what is known as "doing the work". Once you have identified these patterns in yourself and as you work to heal, it's safe to examine other people's patterns, the systems you've been built on, and all things around you as this grants and leads to healing and connection.

Being Human

So greetings again! Now you know that most of your problems, aren't problems at all, just a code your brain is following that you were taught. This code can be changed, manipulated, or even on repeat. Our ancestors and successful business owners knew about this code. It's how they easily manipulate you to buy something that doesn't actually help, heal, or progress you. However, on the downside, if you don't know about the patterns, its very hard to heal. It's very hard to understand why people are the way they are, why society is the way it is, and so forth. The patterns of individual people or overall societies ways, emotions, and choices are not necessarily evil and you will see this as you follow them and become familiar with them. These patterns do miss a huge part and cause great pain and suffering that's damaging the Earth, animals, and people. A part I feel that is necessary to return to peace, happiness, and abundance is...... connection to source, the Divine, God/Gods. When we are connected, we break cycles. We raise consciousness.

The picture above is me two years ago. This particular day I noticed something in me had changed. Something in me had awakened. And that was my consciousness. This was the beginning and I'm inside my journey right now. I will never have all the answers. I will never KNOW. This is something I accept and feel good about now. I don't have to know where I am going, because I learned it's impossible too. The only place to be is here now and this is truly how we start to enjoy and appreciate our life. Our journey is purposeful. Our journey as a species and our journey as individuals. Connection to mind, body, and soul really is the way to heal.

Before I go I want to mention that these patterns are also seen as a term, archetypes. Archetypes that are already written about in books, online, and elsewhere is information from our ancestors that already examined a pattern and explained it, through an archetype. Looking up archetypes may help you understand your family and individual patterns. This then may help you understand, heal, and even help others! Finding your purpose, knowing what you need help with, and possibly helping others through that. Know how special you are. We are one in the same, yet uniquely built with special talents to add the heavenly Earth.


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