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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hello. Namaste. Welcome to my page!

My name is Joelle and if you haven't already visited the tab above that says "About Me", you may be curious who I am and what I am doing along this crazy, beautiful journey we call life.

What I Will Be Sharing with You

As I am approaching my adulthood, I have found myself interested in many things since leaving college. I have had a passion since youth for learning, exploring and expanding my journey to do so only starts here. I have broke free finding my inner voice as a writer, poet, and singer. My poetry is uploaded @Joelle on the Writco app downloadable at the Play Store. As I get more into blogging I will post my singing videos, covers, original songs, and performance gigs I have at bars or festivals. My music revolves around mother Earth, stepping into your power, and healing/enjoying yourself. I sing several genres and will share with you my favorite artists/musicians. I am also an artist. My favorite art is sculpting from ceramic clay! I enjoy making abstract faces and creatures that are from another dimension. I am beginning to create my own shop in my home. Pictures of my work will be uploaded under the Blog section Art. I will also post my paintings there. Now these things are my hobbies and I do live through God doing them as I can spread beautiful messages in them. However, my epiphany moment of realizing why I am on this Earth and the true purpose God gave me happened this year. You will get to know me more as you follow this page, but throughout my life I have struggled with mental and physical health issues doctors just couldn't fix without causing more issues. This led me down a journey of herbalism, my primary interest as a future career. My current career, which you will see at the Home page, is Jojo's Mojo, an animal service business with dog walking and pet sitting. When I am not dog walking or playing with pets, I have time for me to read, write, and expand! Even dog walks can get me out in the field, identifying plants or mushrooms and the illnesses they cure. As I see potential and have made remarkable recoveries with my own health, I am dedicating these years to hands on teaching from other herbalists and getting certification in being able to give herbal consults. These are my future plans, and yes things do change in life, but I feel confident in my ambition towards this goal. Being said, that is why you will see an herbalist section under my blog, I will share herbs I use, but cannot help anyone until I am certified. I will continue to activate and spread my own personal knowledge though. Lastly, I am an activist. I am sure that's not surprising due to my interests. I activate for veganism because it's the most productive way in society to cut your carbon footprint! Eventually I would love to share vegan recipes on here! I also activate for mental health awareness, as I do know the struggle! Who knows what else I may share, but that's a wrap! Thanks for reading that all and have a lovely day! You deserve it!

Thanks for Saying Hello!


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